Tuesday, June 17, 2014

An Expose' for Mothers by Rick Gerber

A mother always understands unconditionally. She makes it her mission whether she agrees or not. Always on the cusp yet falling toward your side of the situation. When your heroes pass on she is so sad for you...you may get a letter or a phone call and that is a fact.
A mother always and forever learns to love what you cherish; person, place or thing. A mangey dog, a silly comic, a heavy song, etc. She is with you like The Force. As once you were a Padawin, you will become a Jedi!

It's funny how sons and daughters need not worry so much because mom will do it for them. They may never realize this and it might lie dormant, yet it is there. Protecting us, guiding us and helping us keep our composure in this heavy life.
Our Mothers pray for us and hold the door in high Heaven. Their smile outlines our hearts and minds, encasing an unescapable feeling of love and this pushes us to do the same. They are absolute! It's their mission to see us progress and move forward lilting, laughing and frolicking in life.
Not everyone answers the phone when they're far away and you may need an ear. Mom will. So you begin to pour it out....she listens, she fears, she laughs, she scorns, she scolds and before you know it the day has gone by and your worries are wind.
Recipes and meals are an essential compliment and fervor to mothers. Not ever, nor anywhere will you be nourished or have laid out in front of you your absolute favorite dish. Not anywhere!...than in mamas kitchen. She cooks, she cleans, stirs, kneads, and butters it up. All for you...Yummy!

Mom makes mistakes and you learn from them. She worries until her stomach hurts. She protects like a lioness and you are safe. She is everything. She carried you, shaped you, created you...somehow she chose you. Your hang-ups, your faults, decisions, random acts....Benevolently she knew what would become of you and she smiled and said those simple words...Yes he is my son.
In my mind, in my heart, speaking only for myself yet hoping others feel the same. I know that everything I am, have become or will be is because of my mother. She never gave up and always sent out her love to me and in the back of my mind I am always and eternally grateful for her persistence.
Everything a mother is, is all of her as a whole. It is for you...Gods greatest gift...life's grandest treasure...times finest feat...a perfect song...a happy memory...a stepping stone, bridge or door.
We love you mothers...from your sons and daughters. Even when we're screwing up, or mad or self involved...every one of us through time memorial...we truly, truly, truly love you. I could go on for days on pages...yet... 
This is a simple expose' for mom...Nothing more, nothing less...

Yesterday was my mother's birthday and my eldest brother wrote this expose' for her. It has moved me to tears. I couldn't agree more, brother. God really did send us to the best. 

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  1. this does not surprise me. Rick is so tender hearted and gentle and kind. I have loved him since that first moment I saw him. You are lucky to have him as a brother. Thank you Rick.