Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Maui Wowie

What's a girl to do when her husbands off in Nashville for a week for a work conference? 
Go to Maui to visit her besties? Sounds good to me! 

I think pictures alone should suffice for this post-



Best. Week. Ever.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Adrift Hotel

This past weekend Jason and I finally used our living social voucher and drove to Long Beach, WA to stay at Adrift Hotel and Spa. 

What. A. Weekend.

We had such an amazing time! Some of the highlights included-
-endless hours cruising the boardwalk on beach cruisers (complimentary of the hotel)
-organic breakfast baskets at our door each morning
-eating the most delicious fish and chips I've ever had.
-catching up on Boardwalk Empire as we snuggled in bed
-indulging in the most delicious caramel caribou ice cream from the corner candy shop
-exploring a fun new town

If Adrift ever teams up with Living Social and does another deal you can bet your boots we'll be purchasing it again! Geez, we'll probably be going again even if they don't offer another deal. It was that amazing. Next time though I hope to get better aquatinted with the spa portion of the resort. ;) 

Here are some photos that Jason took of our trip-



After we checked out on Sunday we drove over to Astoria, OR. Jason's grandpa grew up there and I've  heard that it was a cool town. Since it was pretty close to Long Beach we decided to head over and check it out. Here we are at the Astor column-

Our last stop was at the Washington state capitol. Goodness me, that place is beautiful. Jason and I decided to make it a tradition to stop and photograph every capitol in the states we visit.