Tuesday, April 22, 2014

First comes love...

Hey you guys. My eggo is preggo. 

 13 weeks

 18 weeks

 20 weeks

 22 weeks

27 weeks

Baby boy Widdison (aka a widdle-son...get it?) will be making his grand entrance this July! To say we are excited would be an understatement. 

The news of his arrival was not a surprise but we were definitely shocked with how quickly we got pregnant. What we thought would take at least 6 months happened in about 2...so here we are, jumping in with both feet! And ecstatic, to say the least. :)

Pregnancy is whole lot different than I expected. Pretty much, I thought it was going to be the worst. I expected to be sick, and cranky, and sore, and most of all off my rocker crazy emotional. I am happy to report that none of that has taken place! I lucked out big time. I absolutely love being pregnant. I feel so good and surprisingly have tons of energy.  I never threw up, my sanity has actually improved (ask my husband!) and with the exception of the recent arrival of a few lower backaches during the night, this whole pregnancy thing has been a breeze. I'm almost to my 3rd trimester and have loved every second of being pregnant so far. They only complaint I can make (which is probably more of a problem for Jason) is that I totally snore now! Dang you swollen glands and vessels! I don't really notice but Jason has since started sleeping with ear plugs in. ha. Poor guy. Luckily the OB said that goes away almost instantly once the baby is born.

So come July, our little family of 2 will happily become 3. A whole new adventure lies ahead and we are over the moon with excitement at this journey we are blessed to take. 

Bebe W, we love you so much already!