Saturday, September 25, 2010

Halloween Idea

I have this great idea for Jason and I to be Wayne and Garth for Halloween. We'll be in Spokane and fingers crossed we have some killer Gonzaga parties to attend.


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Monday, September 20, 2010

Wedding wedding and more wedding!

Welcome to wedding central! I've been home for a week and I have been VERY busy. Here's a few pictures that will help you see why:
This is my bedroom. My mom waited until I got here to inform me that I am room-less. That's right. I am continuing to live out of a suitcase and was given the option to sleep on the couch or bunk with Connie. Conj has been nice enough to let me share her bed. Love that girl. (If you haven't heard, Jason's sister Connie moved to AZ and is staying with my parents for a while.) It's pretty awesome. I love love love having her here. Anyways, back to my room. Here is the China that we've been collecting. The idea is to have mix-matched plates on all the tables.

Here is the plethora of vases we've been collecting for the tables. They are so pretty and will be perfect for what we are planning to do!

Isn't this gazebo gorgeous?! My parents just had it built in the backyard. After the temple sealing we are having a ring exchange before the reception. (I have more family that aren't members of the church then that just seems right to have something for them to be apart of.) Under this gazebo is where it will take sunset. So dreamy...

Here's the awesome chandelier that hangs inside. Gorgeous! We have lots of chandeliers that will be hanging under different things in our yard. This was my mom's idea and I think its perfect.

My mom is a total nut and decided to build all the tables for the yard! (and by nut, I mean totally awesome. That woman is amazing and can do anything. I am so lucky to have her help me with all my crazy ideas. My mom rules) These are the table legs that just got stained.

And here are the table tops! We spent hours gluing is the hot AZ sun but it was totally worth it. They turned out gorgeous.

See?!? It's beautiful! Isn't my mom the greatest?

Here's Connie doing her favorite thing since moving to Arizona. She has been so willing to help with all the wedding craziness, but when we have some down time, by the pool is where she can be found. She is turning into quite the bronze goddess.

And last but not least, here is a funny picture that I cropped of Jason's hair. Conan O'brien look alike, maybe???
ha ha. Love you Jase!

So there is my first week at home is a series of iphone pictures! Time is flying. Only 25 more days till the wedding! (and 23 days till I see Jason <3 )

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Life Update

Remember Me?

I hardly remember how to work computers anymore now that I'm with out. I'm currently blogging on my boss's PC...definitely a switch from my beloved mac!

So here's a short update-

1. I have 9 days left in Utah. It's gonna to be a bittersweet goodbye. Especially when I leave my sweet little Danni. (Seriously it's gonna rip my heart out.)

2. My dress is currently being altered and I pick it up next week! Wait till I post pictures. It's amazingggggg.

3. I get married in 43 days! Yipee! Thank goodness for my countdown app on my iphone. (It goes a little slow for my liking though. :)

4. I haven't see Jason in almost 3 weeks nor will I till we say "I do". :( It's been hard, but time is actually going a lot faster then I thought. We talk every night which is so so wonderful (even though Jason HATES talking on the phone, he's a good sport and does it for me.) He is loving law school and seriously kicking butt. I am so incredibly proud of him.

5. We just booked our hotel room and airplane tickets for HAWAII in December! Woot! I can't wait.

Overall, things are going pretty great in my neck of the woods. I'm embarking on a lot of change that is coming upon me far too fast but I'm ecstatic about all of it! Once I get to AZ, it will be easier for me to blog on my mom's computer. So be patient, I promise to have far more interesting posts coming real soon!