Monday, October 15, 2012

Harvest moon wedding part 1

A few weeks ago I was privileged to go to Arizona and be apart of something really special.
I'm not sure if ya'll know this but listen to this weird chain of events-

I was first roommates with Connie (Jason's sister) in Provo, UT.
I met Jason through Connie.
We fall in love, etcetera etcetera, and get engaged.
When I move home two months before my wedding, Connie decides she wants to move to the desert. So she moves to Arizona with me.
Alex (my younger brother) has a best friend named Josh.
Josh meets Connie, they fall in love, etcetera etcetera and

So here we are. 

I married my best friends brother and my brother's best friend married my now sister in law. 
And now we are all family. I love it. 

If you can't tell from the chain of events above, Connie is pretty special to me. I wanted to do something really memorable for her before she got married. 

A few days before the wedding, Yasmine (the gorgeous brunette photographed above...who is dating my brother...more on that later :) and I decided to throw Connie a special dinner before she tied the knot. 

It turned out better than expected. I had envisioned in my mind for a long while what I wanted to do and it turned out EXACTLY how I imagined. How often does that happen? 

The entire evening was so incredible. I am so happy I have such amazing people in my life that I get to experience all these wonderful memories with.

Next up, Connie and Josh's unbelievable wedding.

*These photos were taken with my polaroid camera and then scanned into my computer. I know they are a bit blurry and washed out, but I love them. 

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Today, in love

I'm feeling very much in love with my husband today. 

He makes me happy. He makes me whole.
He is the ying to my yang.
He is the head and I am the heart. 
He listens.
He loves.
He makes things right.

We share each others burdens. 
When he stumbles. I stumble. 
When I fall. He falls.
 Yet we are there to pick each other up. 

We forgive.
We accept.
We change.
We love unconditionally.
Because we are one.

He is my partner. My lover. My very best friend.
Our love has evolved into something magnificent.
Something deeper than yesterday, yet not as deep as tomorrow. 

Jason my sweet,
my heart is yours.
For Always.
In love.