Saturday, April 23, 2011

Welcome back, bob

So I got my hair cut last week. I've waited to post a picture mostly because I hate all the pictures I took in photo booth. That sounds so narcissistic. ha. But for reals, why can't I take a good picture? Ugh. Being a girl blows sometimes. Always trying to get our cute on...

So there it is! Back to the ol' bob. I grew my hair out for the wedding, which was six months ago. Last week I got the urge to cut it so I did. And I have no regrets. I've always liked short hair. It's always fun to mix things up. :)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

More del scorcho please!

Did I ever tell you about the time that Jason and I drove to Idaho (we live in WASHINGTON, mind you..) to eat at a fast food joint? Not just any fast food though, the beloved DEL TACO! I can't tell you how sad we were when we found out there wasn't a Del anywhere in Spokane! Freaking Taco Time took over-NAS-TY. So one Saturday afternoon we decided succumb to our chicken soft taco/del nacho cravings and drove to the next state to satisfy it.

That's hardcore, guys...

what kate ate

Burrito bowls!

This recipe is great because it's so versatile! What ever you've got on hand...use it!

The goods-
The creation-
The happy husband-

I got this recipe from the little red house (one of my favorite blogs, btw). It's quick easy and delicious! I make it often because of those three reasons. :)

25 ways to wear a scarf

If you're a scarf lover like me, you must watch this video! My friend showed me this a week or so ago and since then, I've been trying out all these cute new ways to wear a scarf! I wish it would just warm up here in Spokane so I didn't have to bundle up still, but until it does, I'll be happy sporting one in all these different ways.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Fun(ny) Reads

I am so looking forward to reading these books by these two funny gals. Bossypants is out already and I thought it would make for the perfect birthday present next month! Let's be honest though, I don't think I can wait that long. :) Methinks Barnes and Noble is calling my name on this lovely Saturday afternoon. Mindy Kaling's book doesn't come out until November but I am equally excited to read that one too!

I'll make sure and give some feedback on these after I read them. From what I've heard though they are quite the page turners that have you laughing from cover to cover. I can't wait!

Monday, April 4, 2011

what kate ate

Welcome to the newest segment (ok, the one and only segment) on my blog called, "what kate ate". I got this idea a few days ago. Now I'll have an excuse to blog more...and about one of my favorite things-FOOD! Who doesn't like to read about food, right? (just humor me guys...) When I eat something absolutely delicious, I'm gonna tell you about it. Lucky you. :)

Brown sugar pork with garlic mashed potatoes and string beans.
This meal took about 45 minutes from prep time to out of the oven and took all of 2 minutes to consume. I'll definitely be making this one more often.

A little vacay

This weekend I am going to Utah and I can't wait to-

Meet her:
Snuggle her:
Have a sleepover with these guys:
Eat a cherry turnover from this place:
Shop at this store:
...and this store:
and finally, go to this:

I am so looking forward to a little weekend getaway! See ya on Thursday Utards. ;)